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We are dedicated to assisting Montana's public employers by serving as a communication bridge between the United States Social Security Administration and the IRS and local government employers in regards to Social Security and Medicare coverage programs.
                          Meghann Butler, State Social Security Administrator.

 Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Section 218 Agreement? 

A Section 218 Agreement is a written voluntary agreement between a State and the Social Security Administration to provide Social Security and Medicare Hospital Insurance (HI) or Medicare coverage only for employees of State and local governments. This agreement is authorized under Section 218 of the Social Security Act. Employees covered under a Section 218 Agreement have the same coverage and benefit rights as employees in the private sector. All States have a Section 218 Agreement, but the extent of coverage varies.


Other reference sites


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 *Create your own Social Security account!  SSA continues to strive towards the paperless process, this link is better suited for you, to find your online statement for benefits.

Additional Information

Dissolved Entity vs. Inactive Entity

A “dissolved” entity is an entity that has been legally dissolved and no longer exists. An “inactive” entity is an entity that no longer has any employees and has not been legally dissolved.

When an entity becomes inactive or re-activated, the entity should contact the State Administrator, who has the responsibility of sending a letter to the Social Security Administration’s Regional Office.

The letter should include the name of the entity, the entity's FEIN, the modification number the entity is covered under, and the effective date of the entity's inactivation or the effective date of the entity's reactivation.

Evidence of Legal Dissolution  

The State [Contact State Administrator: or 406-444-2596] must submit evidence which is legally sufficient to establish the fact of dissolution. The evidence must establish that the entity is not merely inactive or dormant, but that it no longer exists.


Legally Dissolved Entities (Link opens to POMS Window)


 Changes to Entity Name  (Link opens to POMS Window)


Reporting New Government Components  (Link opens to POMS Window)



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