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Department of Administration
State Accounting Bureau

Montana Operations Manual (MOM) Category 300 (Previously MOM II)Accounting Policies and Procedures

As of October 1, 2012, all State Accounting Bureau policies have been placed on the new Montana Operations Manual website ( The Chapters (In Force) section of this website will be used for historical reference for a short period of time and then will direct users to the new MOM website. If you currently linking directly to MOM policies listed below, please redirect you links to point to the policies on the new website.

The MOM category 300 contains State of Montana accounting policies and procedures. It is published and maintained by the Department of Administration's State Accounting Bureau. Questions about MOM category 300 should be directed to: Department of Administration; State Accounting Bureau; Mitchell Building, Room 255; Helena, MT 59620-0102; (406) 444-3092. The information contained in MOM Category 300 is organized into chapters and management memos.

Chapters (Draft)

Management Memos (In Force)

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